>Too Much Wool

>I had a moment of madness this morning and decided to sort out my stash.

(Photo no longer available)
Doesn’t it look neat and tidy? I’ve put it in one of those bags that you vacuum all the air out of. It’s just a pity that I’ve still got all this:

(Photo no longer available)
I’m sure I’ll never use all this but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. That’s why I started making doll’s clothes with it last summer. I didn’t get very far with that idea though did I? Doll’s clothes are just too fiddly for me! Then I made all those scarves for charity. But the pile never seems to get any smaller. Anyway, I left it there on the floor and went to work and forgot all about it until this evening when I went back into the room. Well I couldn’t just leave it there so I got stuck into it and now it looks like this:

(Photo no longer available)
I bought the vegetable rack last year because it was just the right size to fit into that corner. Because of the way it’s designed you can add more shelves to it but I was determined that I would never need more shelves. Well, as you can see there are a couple of bags of wool on the floor next to it. I need more shelves.

Knitting. I haven’t done any but I will be doing some more sewing up shortly. I will definately have a finished jacket to show you next time I post which will be Saturday night.

Talk to you later,


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