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>First I’d like to thank Maus for the comment about my Brioche rib jacket. I’m not putting a zip in it – I’m just leaving it as it is. When the weather gets a bit warmer (will it ever?) I think it will be just the thing to pull on when it’s too warm for a sweater but too cool for a T shirt on it’s own.
The Brioche rib wasn’t done on a double bed machine. It was done on the Knitmaster 4500 using the Ribmaster attachment. When it’s set up it looks like this:

Knitmaster 4500 & Ribmaster
The Ribmaster carriage works independently from the Knitmaster carriage and the Brioche rib is achieved by running the carriages across in a particular order. The Ribmaster is a very basic machine. Here you can see how the needles are arranged:

As you can see there is only one Ribmaster needle for every two Knitmaster needles, so you are limited with the rib patterns that you can do. I have really only used it for 1×1 rib. I did try a 3×1 rib once but the tension was wrong and it knitted up far too tight. I really need to have a play about with it to see what it can do.

This machine fascinates me. It is over 50 years old and I just love it. I know you can buy machines now that can do so much more than this but they really don’t interest me. I once bought a Toyota punchcard machine off ebay and I didn’t like it much so I re-sold it. I bought a Knitmaster 302 not so long back and I’m fascinated by that one as well. It doesn’t use punchcards but relies on buttons on the carriage which arrange the needles automatically for the different patterns. That one is ‘only’ about 40 years old!

Anyway, using the Knitmaster 4500 I made this tonight:

(Photo no longer available)
It just needs sewing up. Socks are so easy to make on this machine, this only took me 40 minutes. Unlike other machines you don’t need to use weights to stop your work jumping off the needles. There are ‘sinkers’ which move up and down when the carriage passes over the needles and they hold the work down. This also enables you to measure the work more accurately while it is on the machine as there are no weights pulling it down and distorting it.

So, hopefully I’ll knit the second sock tomorrow. I think I’ll be making quite a few pairs of socks over the next few weeks because I’m not starting another ‘big’ project in March.

I called into a charity shop today and found a knitting pattern file for £1.50. It was full of patterns for babies and childrens clothes but I just had to share this one with you:

Do you think it’ll catch on? No, neither do I!

Talk to you later,


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  1. Naomi says:

    >They look like Michelin tires!!(Originally posted on 28th March 2006)

  2. artypie says:

    I think it will catch on most things!

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