>I Lied

>You know I said that I wasn’t knitting a ‘big’ project this month and that I would be knitting socks? Well I lied. I’ve decided I’m going to make this:

It’s from the ‘Bond Knits With Patons’ pattern book from the late 80’s/early 90’s.
I’ll be using the Patons Totem that I bought off ebay just before I made my new rules for myself (you know, the ones about only making one sweater a month and not buying yarn unless it’s for a particular project) which I have been sticking to so far.

(Photo no longer available)

I have made this sweater once before but I didn’t really wear it much, in fact I think it probably ended up in a charity sack. I’m sure I would wear it now though. It will be a bit easier to knit this time as I now have a Bond Ribber so I won’t have to manually convert the ribbed bands by like I did last time.

I’ll be making a start on it tomorrow so I’ll keep you updated as it progresses. It shouldn’t take too long to finish.

Talk to you later,


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