>Sweater Progress

>I’ve started on the Patons Totem sweater. So far I’ve finished the back and the front:

Ignore the green bits – that’s just waste yarn holding the stitches until they’re finished off properly. I managed to make a mistake on the front. I mis-read the pattern and didn’t knit enough rows after I’d done the neck shaping on each side. You might just be able to see a line where I had to re-hang it onto the machine. I don’t think it’ll be noticable when it’s all finished.

I might start on one of the sleeves later on tonight – if I can be bothered. If not I’ve taken a weeks holiday so I’ll have plenty of time to finish it. As usual for me it will be the sewing up that takes the time.

I haven’t really got much else to tell you. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading loads of other knitting blogs and seeing everyone’s Olympic medals! I do admire all those people who knitted their sweaters and things in such a short time. How do you manage to hand knit so fast? I haven’t even finished the back of the sweater that I started hand knitting at the beginning of February. I’m sticking to machine knitting – at least that way I know I’ll get things finished!

Talk to you later,


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