>Recycled Sweater

>I called into a couple of charity shops today. From the first one I bought this:

(Photo no longer available)
It’s 7 x 25g balls of a blue and brown yarn which would be ideal for socks. I think it’s a 4 ply and probably not acrylic. A bargain at £1.50.

From the second one I bought this:

(Photo no longer available)
The real colour is a lavender/blue. I don’t intend to wear this, I intend to re-knit it into something else. I’ve been doing a bit of googling, looking for information on recycling sweaters and when I saw this on the rail I decided it was going to be my guinea pig. I checked the seams, remembering the advice to avoid serged edges – no, they weren’t serged. I checked the sweater for signs of wear – no, it was in excellent condition. It has cables down the front – extra yarn. I liked the colour and the feel of it – and it was only £2.99.
So I got it home and then realised that I’d forgotten to check one more thing – the fibre content. I read the label, 100% acrylic. I’m sure one of the things I read was to avoid acrylic but it was too late once I’d bought it so I decided to go ahead with my recycling plan.

It didn’t take too long to pull it all out and it now looks like this:

(Photo no longer available)
This has been washed and is still drying. The crinkles haven’t disappeared – maybe that’s why I should have avoided acrylic? It doesn’t matter though – it’ll end up like a novelty yarn. Anyway, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet – possibly a bolero or something like that. I must remember next time to check the label before I buy.

Does anyone remember this scarf?

Well I washed it the other day and my washing machine took a bite out of it:

I have no idea how I’m going to fix this – I’ll have to have a good think about this one.

I’ve made the handles for the felted bag, if I get them attached tomorrow I’ll post a photo.

I haven’t knitted the second sleeve of the sweater – maybe tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Diane says:

    >What a shame about your lovely scarf…..did you make it yourself? what i meant to say is did you design it yourself or follow a pattern?Also is it hand knitted or machine knitted? I'm intrigued, it's very nice.(Originally posted 10th March 2006)

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