>Beaten By A Sock

>This is what’s left of four unsuccessful attempts at knitting a sock on the Bond:

(Photo no longer available)
Pathetic isn’t it? I just gave up. That sock just did not want to be made on that machine. But was I despondant? Of course not. Knitmaster 4500 to the rescue. I have now successfully made the sock. I haven’t taken a photo of it yet – I’ll do that after I’ve made it’s pair and sewn them both up.

Can you remember my first attempt at spinning my own yarn? Well I finally got around to knitting something with it:

Don’t laugh – I’m proud of that! Remember, I’m not a hand knitter, I’m a machine knitter but I don’t think this wool would knit up easily on the machine. The reason I’m knitting this is to practice how to do the short rowing because I’m going to make a scarf with the dyed fibre that came in the kit with the drop spindle. This practice piece is too narrow for a scarf. Maybe I could use it as a belt or something.

I started sewing up the Patons Totem sweater and guess what – I got bored with it. How I hate sewing up. So it might be a few more days before I get it finished.

Talk to you later,


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