>Jaeger Sock Resurrection

>Hah, Jaeger socks, you thought you’d beaten me but you were wrong – you didn’t know who you were dealing with did you?
I decided that I would re-knit the Jaeger Matchmaker socks but make them shorter than last time. So now I think there will be enough wool to make the pair. Well I couldn’t be beaten by a pair of socks could I?

I’ll knit the second one this week some time.

I’ve also finished the blue and brown 3ply socks

The pattern gave a choice of long or short socks. Believe it or not I made the short ones which is just as well really because I can’t imagine how far above my knees the long ones would have come!

As promised here is a photo of the scarf that I hand knitted using the yarn that I spun.

Yes I know it’s not very good but I don’t care – I’ll still wear it.

Thank you for your comments about the Patons Totem sweater – you know I think I will wear it, and you’re right, there are people less than half my age that look a lot worse than I do.

Talk to you later,


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