>Recycled Yarn Bolero

>Remember the sweater I bought from a charity shop and pulled out to re-use the yarn? Well I started knitting this with it today:

(Photo no longer available)
It’s a bolero from the Bond Knits With Patons pattern book. It has knitted up really quickly and with a bit of luck I’ll have it finished by tomorrow night. There was a mistake in the pattern – the numbers just didn’t add up on the front shapings but I managed to work it out and I think I got it right. The green wool you can see in the photo is just waste yarn holding the stitches and isn’t actually part of the cardi.

I’ve also been creating a pattern using Knitware for a hooded sweater. I’ll be knitting it with this:

(Photo no longer available)
I was given this Rowan Chunky Tweed a couple of years ago and have already knitted one sweater with it but there’s still loads left. Anyway, I fancied making something with a hood but I couldn’t find a pattern so I had to make my own. I’ll be making it on the Bond using every other needle. According to the pattern I should have enough wool so I just hope it’s right.

I’ll update you on the bolero tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


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