>I finished the bolero and amazingly enough for me, I actually sewed it up straight away:

I am really pleased with this one, it knitted up so fast and considering it was made with recycled yarn the knitted fabric doesn’t look too bad either.

I have learnt one lesson from my recycling adventure though – remember to check the label to see what it’s made of. 100% acrylic is not the ideal yarn to recycle (in my opinion). I didn’t manage to get all the crinkles out of it but it still looks OK. I’m sure if I’d recycled a wool sweater I would have been able to do a better job of straightening it. I have to say though that the yarn I ended up with is really soft – like a chenille and I just love the colour, it’s more of a lavender blue than it looks in the photo.

I was going to start on the Rowan Chunky sweater tonight but I really can’t be bothered. I’m hoping to be able to work out how to make a pocket for it, one that is in the middle and you can put your hands in from both sides. There’ll be a name for it and I can’t think what it is but you probably know what I’m talking about.

Remember my rules? Well I’m sticking to them quite well I think. I’ve already chosen my project for April which I’ll probably be starting next weekend. It’s a short sleeved sweater which I’ll be making on the Knitmaster 302:

and I’ll be knitting it with this It’s nothing fancy, just light blue baby acrylic and the contrasting stripe will be done using a left over. I decided to make this so that I can get a bit more practice with patterning on the 302. It doesn’t look difficult so hopefully I’ll manage alright with it.

Talk to you later,


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