>The Ribber Works

>I couldn’t stand it any more last night when that ribber was taunting me. So I got out the Betty Bailey ‘Guide To The Ribber’ book and tried to figure out how to cast on. I got a bit confused because I’m not sure how to set the ribber carriage to slip – I need the instruction book for that (which never arrived today like I’d hoped it would) but anyway, here’s what I did:

I didn’t cast it on properly, hence the dropped stitches at the bottom but look at the rest of it, there’s nothing wrong with that is there? I know it’s only 1×1 rib but it means that the ribber is set up properly and that it works.

I had a proper look at the main machine that came with it and it seems OK apart from the sponge bar which is as flat as a pancake (which I expected) and the carriage which needs repairing. The three buttons at one side won’t press down. It’s probably something that can easily be fixed but I’m not even going to try. I think I’ll just put it back on ebay for spares or repair – I might get a couple of quid for it.

Thanks to Naomi for pointing me to the website that has the instructions for setting up the ribber.

Also thanks to Steelbreeze for offering to scan the De-knit instructions for me – I’ve sent you some sock patterns in exchange.

I’ve even done a bit of knitting tonight. I’ve got as far as the armhole shaping on the front of the April sweater. I’m doing no more tonight because I’m knackered!

Talk to you later,


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