>Nothing To Show You

>I was hoping to show you the finished front of my April sweater and I would have done if I hadn’t cocked it up. I did the armhole shaping then I did the left front shaping and everything was going well. Then I started on the right front shaping and I reached the part that said “K12 rows straight” – funny, I didn’t remember doing that when I did the left side. Bugger it! I had missed that bit out. So I finished the right side then pulled the left side out down to the start of the neck shaping then left it. I will finish it tomorrow. What am I like?

Diane asked me about the colours of this sweater. It’s a light blue and the stripe is lilac. The lilac is a left over from the brioche rib jacket I finished a few weeks ago.

Talking of left overs, I’ve been having another think about how to use them up. I was making doll’s clothes with them but that soon ground to a halt because they were a bit too fiddley. So now I’ve decided I’ll make kids sweaters for charity. I was thinking I could make them on the Knitmaster 302 and use the pattern cards to do bands of patterns in two colours. That way I can practice doing patterns but be making useful things at the same time. I don’t know when I’m going to start on these sweaters but I will do eventually.

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  1. Diane says:

    >Crikey…i wouldn't have been able to put the machine together without the manual…it all looks so complicated…my mums got one and she's never even used it….i've often wondered about having a go with it.(it was a gift from my brother, she had a fad about wanting one, and then obviously didn't even try it out)but i don't think i'd have the patience…i think i'm safer with 2 needles :0)(Originally posted on 7th April 2006)

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