>I’ve done all the bits of the April sweater and it’s just waiting to be sewn up.

I’ve also been playing with my new (to me) ribber. Here’s a few samples:

I know they’re not brilliant, I need a bit more practice (and a few more weights). I was expecting to have as much trouble with this ribber as I usually have with the Bond ribber but I never. I didn’t have to adjust it or anything, I just knitted and it worked. Now that I have the instruction book I can cast on properly without all the holes like I had when I guessed at how to do it.

I’ve also been having a try with the Knitradar. I thought I’d make a child’s sweater and so far I’ve done the back:

I’m not too sure about the armhole, neck and shoulder shapings – I don’t think I did them right. The instructions don’t really make it too clear how to do it unless it’s just me being a bit thick! Anyway, I’m going to persevere with it and see how this little sweater turns out.

Talk to you later,


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