>As promised, here’s a photo of my finished April sweater:

I’m really pleased with it, the pattern was easy peasy to do.

I’ve finished the second sleeve of the Rowan Chunky sweater. There’s only the hood to do now and that’ll be another one finished.

Naomi asked me how I attached the Knitradar to the Knitmaster 302. Well I had to buy a special fixing plate for it:

(Photo no longer available)
You just put it on the top of the machine so that the hole is over the bracket that holds the row counter – that’s it, there’s no screws or anything. Then the Knitradar just fits on top of the plate and off you go!

Now I’m off to finish seaming the child’s orange sweater that I finished knitting yeaterday.

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >Finished

  1. Diane says:

    >I love the April jumper Susan! Very nice! , you've been very busy with your ribber and the childs sweater …Well done on getting tickets for the Boss! I had a tape of him in my car many moons ago.. when i had my own car…way before i got married in fact…and now i tell my son of for having his stereo on too loud in his car !LOL BTW i still have the tapes, i've got a boxed set as well… i haven't played them in ages….i might get them out now :0)(Originally posted on 10th April 2006)

  2. Chris says:

    >wow your april sweater is lovely.You have been busy since last I popped in …and a new machine!!al the bestChris(Originally posted on 11th April 2006)

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