>Socks Finished

>I’ve sewn up the Jaeger Trinity socks:

I’ve also finished sewing up the Rowan Chunky Tweed sweater but I haven’t got a photo yet. I need to make a cord to thread through the edge of the hood. I can’t make it on the Magicord machine because the wool’s too thick so I think I’ll just crochet three lengths then plait them together. I don’t know if that will work but I’ll give it a go.

The yoke for the child’s sweater is finished:

This was my fourth attempt – the first three attempts went wrong right at the start. It was my own fault though, I wasn’t understanding the pattern instructions but then the penny dropped and it all started going right. Now I know that if I’d bought a punchcard knitting machine it would have been a lot quicker but I’ve used one before and I didn’t like it much. With this one I’m just fascinated by how the pattern is worked by turning a couple of knobs and moving a lever (yes, I know, I lead a very sheltered life!). Anyway it worked and it looks like the picture in the magazine so I must have done it right musn’t I?

Talk to you later,


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