>Rowan Chunky Tweed Sweater

>Finally, a photo of the finished Rowan Chunky Tweed Sweater:

I’m really happy with it. The hood worked out OK, I thought it might have gone wrong as I’ve never knitted a hood before but it was easy. I was going to make the cord by crocheting three lengths of chains and plaiting them together but I ended up just crocheting one chain and using it on it’s own. The one thing I must remember is to wash it on the woollens cycle in the machine or else I’ll ruin it (something I do quite often!).

I’ve knitted one sleeve of the child’s sweater. I’m still dead chuffed with the way the yoke knitted up – it’s made me want to do more two-colour patterns so there may be some colourful knitting coming up!

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >Rowan Chunky Tweed Sweater

  1. Diane says:

    >You've been sooooo busy! Crikey your putting us all to shame :0) I've got to get my needles clicking faster to keep up with you! I love the yoke for the charity jumper…..it looks lovely i'm itching to see it assembled, and your Rowan sweater…well what can we say but it looks brill !!!!(Originally posted on 17th April 2006)

  2. acrylik says:

    >Ooooh, your sweater is lovely! It looks really cosy and comfortable.(Originally posted on 21st April 2006)

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