>Lost Post Re-Written

>My lost post never showed up so I’ll write it again.

I thought I’d have a go at making a sock on the Knitmaster 302. It would have worked out alright if I’d used a thinner yarn but I used DK and it was just a bit too thick. It was really cheap stuff – £1 for 100g and it was 100% polyester. I know that’s not the ideal thing to use for socks but I had a plan. I decided to knit the sole using two strands of a fine cotton that I bought last year.

It seemed to work OK but the cuff was just too tight. I did it on the ribber at tension 10 which is the loosest tension but there was no give at all, if I’d sewn it up I wouldn’t have got it on my foot.

I’m not annoyed about it because I now know that I can’t knit DK socks on the 302 so I’ll stick to thinner yarns n future. But what will I do with the rest of this polyester yarn? I bought five balls of the stuff all in different colourways (well it was cheap and I liked the colours – what else could I do).

I have started sewing up the child’s fair isle yoke sweater but I got bored after one seam, that’s why I made the sock. It will be finished at the weekend I promise!

Talk to you later,


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