>Fixed The Sleeve

>I fixed the sleeve that I knitted yesterday. Well when I say fixed what I really mean is that I completely re-knitted it. I pulled it out as far as the start of the armhole shaping but there were still 5 stitches less then there should have been. Then I realised what I’d done – I’d cast on 61 stitches at the start and there should have been 66. When I’d done the increases and decreases I wasn’t looking at how many stitches I had, I was looking at the number of rows I’d knitted. So when the pattern said to increase a certain number of times until there were x amount of stitches and x amount of rows had been knitted I didn’t even realise that I’d ballsed it up because the rows were right.
Anyway, the sleeve is now done properly and that project is on hold until May – well it is my May sweater after all.

This afternoon I started on another child’s charity sweater.

I’m knitting it on the Bond using the basic round neck raglan pattern. It shouldn’t take too long to finish. I really want to get all my left overs used up because I’m sick of looking at them now. I did have them stored in one of those bags that you vacuum the air out of but the shop where I work got these see through plastic shoe boxes in and they were reduced to 50p for a pack of five so I bought two packs. I think they’re great for storing yarn in and I can see exactly what I’ve got. I can also see exactly what needs to be used up!

Ideally I’d like to get it down from 10 full boxes to 5 full boxes. Yeah, right – that’ll be the day.

Talk to you later,


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