>Ipod Holder

>I thought I’d have a go at tubular knitting on the Knitmaster 302 and I came up with this:

I know it’s nothing spectacular but it’s useful. I usually just put my ipod in my jacket pocket when I’m listening to it when I’m out and about but the last few days it’s been getting a bit warm to wear my jacket so I’ve had nowhere to put it. But now I can wear it around my neck. I used Patons 4ply cotton and I just guessed at how many stitches and rows to do. It came out at just the right size. The strap was made on the Bond Magicord machine and I threaded the earphone wire down the middle of it so it’s neatly out of the way.

The white child’s sweater for charity is finished and it will be going along with the others to the Lutsk Orphanage. Thanks to steelbreeze for the suggestion.

I’ve started on another child’s sweater, this one will be short sleeved. So far I’ve just done the back:

I’m using an unknown brand of yarn that I bought at a charity shop, it changes from blue to lilac to green – I think there will be just enough to finish this sweater.

Talk to you later,


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