>Charity Sweaters

>Two more photos of finished charity sweaters:

The short sleeved one only needs the buttons sewing on. I’m not sure about the neck – it doesn’t look quite right to me. Anyway, I’ll get them sent off either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I started on the second sleeve of my May sweater tonight – you might have caught me on the web cam. If you did you will have seen why I had to stop knitting. Floss wanted to play and I had to keep picking the ball up and throwing it for her. I decided to knit up to the start of the armhole shaping then call it a night.

(Photo no longer available)
Hopefully I’ll get it finished tomorrow night.

While I’m on the subject of the May sweater, Naomi asked me if it is a weave pattern. No it isn’t – here’s the chart if you want to try it on the 302:

It’s knitted in 4ply on tension 6**.

Talk to you later,


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