>May 15th, 2006

>Yes, back to work today after my week off. Nothing’s changed – not that I thought it would have.

I have managed to do a little bit of knitting tonight. I started on the right front of my May sweater. I’m not sure if I’ve done the buttonholes the proper way – I should really have checked in the instruction manual but I never. I just knit the buttonhole stitches in waste yarn then carried on knitting as normal. When it’s off the machine I’ll backstitch through the stitches and remove the waste yarn. I’m sure I’ve done it this way before.

I haven’t bothered to take a photo of the progress because it looks just the same as the photo of the sleeve I put in a previous post. I’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow night (the right front that is, not the full sweater).

Talk to you later,


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