>May 21st, 2006

>I’ve just about finished my May sweater. Well, it’s not really a sweater, it’s a jacket but you know what I mean. I spent last night sewing all the seams and today I’ve done the hems and sewn the collar on. I am sick of looking at it now but it still isn’t finished. I need to sew the bias binding down one of the front edges (I’ve already done one side), then I need to sew in the ends, sew on the buttons and finish the belt. I’ve tried it on and it seems to fit OK – I’ll show you a photo when it’s completely finished.

I really wish I could find one of these (click to see a bigger picture):

I keep looking on ebay but I’ve never seen one yet. I’m a sucker for anything vintage like that but if I’m honest with myself I think I’d be better off with a Hague Linker. I’m watching a couple of them on ebay but I just don’t know whether to bid or not. I’ve never actually seen one (apart from photos) but I believe they make sewing up a lot quicker. You probably know how much I hate sewing up so anything that makes it easier must be worth having.

I’ve been looking through all my June issues of Modern Knitting and I can’t find a single thing that I want to make. So, sticking to my rules, I won’t have a June project. It’s just as well really because June’s going to be a busy month for us. We’ve decided to re-model the kitchen. This will involve bricking up the archway between the dining room and the kitchen and re-opening the original doorway which has been hidden behind a plasterboard wall. It wasn’t us who carried out that ‘improvement’ but a previous owner of the house. They obviously didn’t think it through because it just doesn’t work. The archway is dead opposite the back door which is a bit draughty so the draught blows straight through into the dining room, as do all the cooking smells. Anyway, hopefully we’ll be able to put it back to how it should be but it will be a long job because we’re getting all new kitchen units as well so we’ll have to work out the best way to set it out.

Any knitting I do until it’s finished will probably be children’s charity sweaters. Having said that, I’ve had some hints from people who want ipod holders like the one I made for myself a couple of weeks ago. But anyway, I won’t be making anything big for a while.

Talk to you later,


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