>May 27th, 2006

>I’m getting another new toy, I won it on ebay.

(Photo no longer available)
I hope the seller doesn’t mind me pinching the photo from the listing. I wasn’t going to bid on one yet but I just couldn’t help myself. Steelbreeze told me how I could join pieces on the machine and get the same results and I was going to try that first but, well you know how it is don’t you? So hopefully in future I won’t have the tedious task of sewing seams that go on forever. I hope there are some instructions with it – the seller never mentioned any in the listing.

I’ve also bought a few more Modern Knitting magazines from the mid 70s. I only need about twenty more and I will have collected all the ones I want. I’m only going up to about ’75 or ’76 – after that most of the patterns are for the ‘newer’ punchcard Knitmasters so they aren’t much use to me. Well actually quite a lot of the patterns in the earlier magazines aren’t much use either because they are pretty hideous!

I have done a little knitting today, I did the front and back of a childs sweater. This will be another one for charity. It’s nice to be making something small and simple for a change after the jacket that I’ve just finished!

Talk to you later,


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