>June 5th, 2006

>(Photo no longer available)

If you’re not a knitter you’ll probably be none the wiser – it’s a machine for joining the seams on sweaters and things.

I have to say it was not easy to open that parcel one-handed! Don’t you think the erratic filming added to the excitement? No? Well I didn’t do it on purpose – it just happened.

It’s a lot smaller and lighter than I thought it would be, which is good as I had been wondering where I would be able to store it. I think it will easily fit out of the way under the knitting machine table.

You probably noticed that there was an instruction book in the box. I’m pleased about that as I don’t think I would have figured out how to thread the machine up. I haven’t had a go of it yet but it seems to be in working order – I’ve turned the handle and watched the needle moving and everything seems to line up properly.

So, with that excitement out of the way I’ll show you the two finished charity sweaters that I’ve been working on.

red white

The colours of this one remind me of raspberry ripple ice cream! I’m not too happy with the way the neckband turned out. I did a line of chain stitch to hide the messy join and it looks a bit better than it did but it’s still not good.


I didn’t have instructions for the V neck so I had to adapt the round neck pattern. It worked out OK though.

Talk to you later,


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