>Cotton Top Finished

>I finished the cotton top this afternoon. Sewing it up on the Hague Linker took hardly any time at all but working three rows of double crochet for the neckband and armbands seemed to take forever. Here’s the finished item:

cotton top
I’m so proud of my stripe! I think I’ll have to try out a few more of the stitch patterns from the Knitmaster 302 pattern cards. Why don’t I just buy a punchcard knitting machine? Well I have used one before but I prefer the push button machine – I suppose I’m just old-fashioned.

I’ve done some more knitting today, this time on the Knitmaster 4500. Can you guess what it is?

It’s actually a child’s balaclava. I’ve never knitted one before so I don’t know how it will turn out. I was going to make another sweater for charity but I decided to make this instead. Do children wear balaclavas these days? I can’t say that I’ve seen any for a long time but if it’s going to keep a child warm in a cold country I don’t suppose they’ll be bothered if it’s fashionable or not will they? The pattern is from a 1965 Modern Knitting magazine, specially written for Knitmaster machines.

Anyway, I’ll try and get the balaclava finished tomorrow – hopefully it’ll look right.

Talk to you later,


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