>The Unlikely Seamstress

>I watched a film last week, Demolition Man. I know it’s not a new one, it was made a few years ago but in case you haven’t seen it have a look at this clip. How did he manage to knit that jumper with all those cables in just one night? What a hero – I can’t even knit that fast with the knitting machine. Who would have thought that Sylvester Stallone was so talented!

As far as my knitting goes I think I’ve got another disaster on my hands:

sun top
This is a sun top and it looks alright but I can’t get the straps right. I’ve used oddments of 4ply cotton and I like the way the stripe pattern has worked out but I just can’t do the straps. The first ones I knitted were too narrow and the second ones were too wide so I’ve given up for today. I’ll have another try tomorrow.

I haven’t had many votes on my poll yet but so far hats and sweaters are neck and neck in first place. Have you voted yet?

Talk to you later,


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