>The Sun Top

>The sun top’s finished, or should I say I’m finished with the sun top. I couldn’t get the straps right and it was driving me mad. So here it is now:

Like I said, I’m finished with it.

You never know it may be re-incarnated in a different form (I don’t know what yet) but for now it is dead and buried. May it rest in little pieces – well little balls anyway.

So what’s next? I haven’t got much inspiration at the moment and I haven’t got anything planned. I’ve still got a 500g cone of royal blue 4ply wool that I want to knit something with – but what? I don’t need any more cardis or jackets yet and it’s not exactly sweater weather so I just don’t know what to make.

I think I’ll have a look through my patterns and magazines and see if anything catches my eye.

Have you entered my competition yet? You might as well have a go – someone’s got to win and you never know, it could be you.

Talk to you later,


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