>Another Machine

>Yesterday I finished this stripey top made from my 4ply cotton leftovers:

stripey cotton top
Yes I know it’s not exactly fashion statement of the year but I’ll wear it anyway. I just need to sew on four buttons for the back fastening – I’ll do that tomorrow.

I might make another one of these at the weekend with the rest of the leftover cotton:

cotton leftovers
I’ll probably use the cone of grey as the main colour and knit narrow stripes with the lilacs and the cream. I know that stripes are a bit boring but I just want to get it knitted up quickly to use up the yarn.

I’m getting another knitting machine. Someone contacted me and said he’d found an old machine in his grandmas loft and wondered if it would be any use to me. From what he can make out it’s a Knitmaster 3500 with a Ribmaster. Well a Ribmaster would certainly be useful as it would give me a supply of spare needles. These machines are fifty years old and spare parts aren’t available so of course I said I’d like it. Anyway, he emailed me this morning and said he’s posted it and all he wants for it is the price of the postage plus whatever I think the machine is worth. I’m hoping it will be in good working order but even if it isn’t I can use it for spares. What do you think of that? I can hardly believe that a total stranger could be so trusting. He’s posted this machine to me at his expense, he doesn’t even know me and yet he trusts me to pay him after I’ve received it. When things like that happen doesn’t it just restore your faith in human nature?

Talk to you later,


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