>July 15th, 2006

>I’ve knitted the back of the grey and lilac stripey cotton top. It doesn’t seem to be knitting up as well as the last one but I think it’ll be OK:

grey stripe top
Sorry the picture’s a bit crappy.

Believe it or not I’ve actually done some hand knitting. I’ve finally finished the front of the Patons Astro sweater – how many months did that take?

astro front
At this rate I might get it finished by Christmas. I decided to knit both sleeves at the same time because I know that if I knit just one I won’t want to knit the second one. So I cast on two sets of stitches and then put it away! It’ll get finished eventually.

I think I’ve found my August project:

This is from the August 1969 issue of Modern Knitting. It’s actually written for the Twinmatic Double Bed machine but I’m going to try it on the Knitmaster 302 and the ribber. Do you think it’ll work? I’m going to have to study the pattern and try and make sense of the instructions. It doesn’t help that I’ve hardly used the ribber since I got it so it might be a project that gets abandoned right at the start. I like a challenge though, so I won’t be giving up too easily. The first challenge will be to try and find some Albert Bailey 3ply crepe. I don’t suppose it’s made now so I’ll probably be visiting ebay. If I can’t find any I’ll have to try and find a suitable substitute – but how will I know what’s suitable and what isn’t? Oh well, I can only try.

Talk to you later,


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