>July 17th, 2006

>Tonight I finished the front of the grey stripey cotton top. I’ll try and get it sewn up tomorrow. I haven’t bothered with a photo because it looks just the same as the back and I’ve already shown you that.

I had a little practice at doing 2×2 rib on the Knitmaster 302 so that I’ll have some idea of what I’m doing when I come to make my August sweater (which I showed you in the last post):

2x2 rib test
I need to practice casting on before I make the sweater as I’m not very good at it yet. You can see the dropped stitch at the bottom left – that happened when I was knitting the first circular row and I couldn’t get it back on the needle so I just left it. Hopefully after a few more tries I’ll get better at it.
The ribbing looks alright though, I did a mini version of the pattern on the sweater and it does look like the photo in the magazine so I must have done something right.

I’ll be closing my poll which is over in the sidebar tomorrow so you’ve still got time to vote.
The results so far are:

  • Balaclavas 38%
  • Hats 25%
  • Sweaters 25%
  • Mittens 13%

    How come it adds up to 101? Don’t ask me but that’s what it says.

    Talk to you later,


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