>July 22nd, 2006

>Today I made a second charity balaclava. I think this one turned out better than the first one, probably because the finishing is neater. I decided to sew this one up by hand rather than on the linker and I did find it easier to join the ribbing:

Due to the lack of a real childs head I used an upturned vase to model it on. Hey, improvisation is my middle name.
They only use about 40g of yarn so I’ll probably make a few more. I think I should make some girls hats as well if I can find some patterns – I’ll have to have a look through my magazines.

The grey stripey cotton top is now finished:

grey stripe
It hasn’t knitted up as well as the last one so I am a bit disappointed with it. I think it’s because the grey isn’t as good quality as the other colours.

I haven’t had much success in finding the yarn for my August sweater. I need Albert Bailey 3ply crepe but I’ll settle for any 3ply the way things are going. The only 3ply I’ve found for sale is baby 3ply in baby colours but that’s not what I want. Does anyone have any ideas on where I should look?

I found this article about knitting machines which I thought was quite interesting – me being a machine knitter. As you probably know I have a fascination for old machines but I don’t think I’ll manage to find one this old on ebay!

Thanks to all who made comments on my last post and any previous posts. I do read them and even though I don’t always reply to them I do appreciate hearing from you.

Talk to you later,


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