>Hats And Mitts

>I’ve been doing some more charity knitting. First this girls lilac hat:

lilac hat
This was so quick to knit but I couldn’t figure out the finishing instructions, well the part that said “gather up 12 rows of rib at the crown”. I gathered up the 12 rows of rib and it looks nothing like the photo in the magazine. I still think it looks OK though.

I also made another girls hat:

pom pom hat
The hardest part was making the pom pom! It only took about half an hour to knit – the pom pom took much longer. Maybe I should have just made a tassel instead.

I have to say that the vase has come in useful as a substitute childs head. Well I never use it for flowers anyway so at least I’ve found a use for it.

Tonight I made my first pair of mitts:

first mitts
These only took about an hour to knit and they were easier to do than I thought they would be. My only concern is that the cuffs might be a bit tight. There is a lot of stretch in them but I can’t tell if there’s enough. I think I’ll do the cuffs on the next pair at a looser tension.

I’m quite enjoying making these small items. Mainly because I’ve got a lot of odd balls of 3 and 4 ply – not enough for sweaters but perfect for hats and mitts. I’ve been looking through my Modern Knitting magazines for different types of hats and I’ve found quite a few. I don’t think I’ll make any of the girls bonnets that I’ve found, mainly because they use cords to fasten them round the neck. I might be wrong but didn’t they outlaw them because they are considered dangerous? I’m pretty sure they don’t allow cords on the hoods of coats and anoraks any more. I could be wrong about it but I think it’s better to be on the safe side.

I don’t know yet which charity I’m going to send everything to so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful. I don’t want them to go to somewhere where they sell them, I would rather they actually go to children who need them.

Still haven’t found any 3ply for my August sweater – the quest continues!

Talk to you later,


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