>New Project Started

>I gave up trying to find some 3ply for my August sweater. I was going to use baby yarn but there’s not much choice of colours – white, pink, light blue, lemon or mint. If they’d had lilac I’d have bought that but they didn’t so I gave up.
Then I remembered that I had this:

blue 4ply
I know it’s 4ply but it’s quite fine so I did a few tension swatches and managed to get more or less the tension that the pattern requires. I know it’s not spot on but I couldn’t get it any nearer.
Anyway, I started on the back last night and got it off the machine tonight. This is what it looked like when I took it off the machine:

It doesn’t look good does it? The 2 x 2 rib pulls it in a lot. I pinned it out roughly to shape and it does look a lot better:

back pinned
This is going to be a close fitting sweater so I’m just hoping that the wool won’t be too scratchy on my skin. I’ll be a bit narked if I can’t wear it after the carry on I’ve had trying to find the right yarn.

I don’t think I’ll start on the front until the weekend. If I start on it tomorrow night I won’t get it finished and I don’t really like to leave things hanging on the machine.

Tomorrow I might have a go at fair isle on the Knitmaster 4500. I’ve got a pattern for some fair isle socks that I’m thinking of making so I’ll have to have a practice to see if I can do it. I’ve done fair isle on the Bond and it’s easy but I think on the Knitmaster 4500 you have to do it a different way – I’ll have to get the instruction book out and have a read.

Talk to you later,


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