>Third Time Lucky


I just can’t get the front of my sweater to knit up right. I nearly had it finished yesterday afternoon, I’d done the armhole shaping and the left side of the V then when I tried to do the right side I dropped about half a dozen stitches. Wooosh. I couldn’t catch them because all the weights on the cast on comb were pulling it down and they laddered down too far for me to latch them up again. I took it off the machine and latched up the ladders but when I tried to re-hang it I just couldn’t do it. I removed the ribber to make it easier but it was just too fiddly.

I started it again from scratch. I got as far as the stocking stitch after the 2 x 2 rib pattern and my row count was out by 2 rows – I should have done 90 rows but I’d done 92. So I was on my knees under the knitting machine (as you do) trying to see where I’d gone wrong. I’d done two extra rows in the rib and it was too obvious for me to just try and ignore.

So tonight I cast on for the third time. It was going well until I transferred the centre two stitches from the ribber to the main bed. I knitted the row then woosh – the two stitches dropped off the needles and started to ladder. I managed to catch them this time though and latched them back up. Hopefully when it’s off the machine I can even the stitches up a bit. That is if I manage to knit it without any more mishaps. I’m beginning to think I should never have started this sweater. After the performance I had trying to find the right yarn I should maybe have taken it as a sign and just given up.

Anyway, here’s where I’m at with it tonight:

knitmaster 302
I’ve taken the weights off the cast on comb for now seeing as I can’t finish it off until tomorrow. If it goes wrong again I might just say sod it and knit something else instead.

So, as there’s no real progress with the August sweater I’ll show you my latest sock now that I’ve sewn it up:

Has the excitement got to you yet? No, me neither.

Talk to you later,


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