>The End Of The August Sweater

>I knitted the first sleeve of my August sweater, it didn’t take very long and I never made one mistake. I tacked the seam so that I could try it on and guess what – it was too tight and too short. So that’s the end of that. The tension was obviously way out even though my swatch was OK. I won’t be finishing this sweater, it’s just been one big headache right from the start. I’ll be pulling it out and re-knitting it into something else, I don’t know what yet but no doubt I’ll come up with something. Never mind, these things happen.

After my sleeve disaster I decided to start on something else – a dog blanket. I’m going to use some of my leftover DK, Aran and Chunky yarns to make dog blankets and dog coats for the Dogs Trust (that’s where we adopted Floss from). So I stupidly decided to make the blanket on the Bond Ribber. Why do I do these things? Knowing how much stress the Bond Ribber has caused me in the past, knowing I’d just terminated the sweater project from hell, I still went ahead and cast on. But for once it worked properly straight away – wonders will never cease! I cast on 100 sts and knitted 200 rows in a 10 x 10 rib. I did it in stripes of 20 rows each. I should have transferred the ribber stitches to the main bed and vice versa every 20 rows but I didn’t (I must remember to on the next one) so it has ended up as a skinny blanket. I might be able to sort it out by pressing it when it’s finished – we’ll see. I’m halfway through knitting the edging so I’ll try and get it finished later on. It’s only small but I’m sure it will be alright for a little dog.

I finally serviced my sewing machine and what a difference! I am thoroughly ashamed of myself for letting it get into such a state – no wonder it wasn’t working properly. Anyway, I need it to be working properly because I’ve got a big project to do. Billy’s been given a new truck to drive and he wants some curtains making for it (well after all, he does have to sleep in it). It does have curtains fitted but he wants his own in it. He bought the material last week, it’s a red velvet-effect fabric and there’s going to be a gold coloured trim down the front edges of the curtains where they meet in the middle. I’m hoping to start on them tomorrow – wish me luck!

Talk to you later,


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