>Today I spent nearly five hours just making a pair of curtains – you might have caught me in action on the web cam. So why did it take me so long? The curtains are only 95cm long, I should have had them done in no time. Well, the reason it took so long is that each curtain is 3 metres wide. They are the curtains for Billy’s truck. Now when I say truck I’m not talking about a pick-up truck, I’m talking about this big bugger:

(Photo no longer available)
I got him to take this picture on his phone this evening when he parked up and he sent it to my phone so it’s not very good but you get the idea don’t you.

Anyway, here are the finished curtains and I have to say I’m sick of the sight of them:

truck curtains
I need to press them but I can’t be bothered to do that tonight.

As if it wasn’t enough that he wanted curtains making he also wants a pelmet to go across the top of the windscreen. I think I’ll make that next weekend.

Here’s the dog blanket that I finished last night. Now that I’ve pressed it it looks a lot better.

dog blanket
I’ve started on a second one but this time it’s circular so I’m not sure how it will look. It’s knitting up quite easily though so it shouldn’t take long to finish.

I took out a six month subscription to ‘Machine Knitting Monthly’ and I received my first issue last week. I am quite disappointed with it as I was expecting there to be more patterns but there are only seven – three childrens, one for Passaps, one for chunky machines, a plain V neck and a short sleeved top. I haven’t read all the articles yet so I may change my mind about it but all I can say is that I’m glad I only got a six month subscription and not a full years. I wonder what other subscribers think of it?

Talk to you later,


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3 Responses to >Curtains

  1. Maus says:

    >Nice blanket and curtains!! Well yes, I had the machine knitting monthly too for a while and I thought it totally sucked, there was NOTHING in it that I would have wanted to make and the articles didn't help me a bit. We need a funky and more interesting magazine with lots of tips and hints for techniques!(Originally posted on 14th August 2006)

  2. Jo says:

    >I gave up buying the Machine Knitting Monthly years ago. We buy these mags for inspiration an all they churn out is a load of rubbish – their photos of the finished garments are'nt exactly great either.(Originally posted on 16th August 2006)

  3. Rosalind says:

    >I treated myself to a 6 month subscription of Machine Knitting Monthly which has now expired and do not intend to renew it. I find the patterns are borning and uninspirational. It is no wonder machine knitting is no longer as popular as it once was with the image projected by this sole magazine now published.(Originally posted on 20th August 2006)

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