>Round Blanket

>I finished knitting the round dog blanket this evening. I’m not sure that I did it right because the centre part didn’t lie flat but I pinned it out and steamed it so with a bit of luck it will stay flat.

I need to sew in all the ends that are sticking out of the centre and I also need to do a row of crochet around the edge.

I might make another round blanket but I think I’ll try and find a different pattern to use as I’m not really happy with this one.

Thanks Maus for your comment about the ‘Machine Knitting Monthly’ magazine. I thought maybe the issue I got was a one off and that they’re not usually that bad – looks like I’m wrong about that. Oh well, never mind.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Maus says:

    >That blanket is incredible! Is it a machine or hand knit? If it bulges up in the center can only mean there are a bit too many stitches, I often change round things to my liking so they lie flat, but it always takes two to do that. First one you do like the pattern and it bulges, then one could tip and redo, but, uhmmmm, the second usually comes out great LOL :)(Originally posted on 16th August 2006)

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