>Dog Blanket Finished

>Tonight I crocheted the edge of the round dog blanket and sewed all the ends in. I think the steaming did the trick as it now lies perfectly flat, so I’m quite pleased about that. It was knitted on the Bond using KP dot 1 (the same as the old KP2) from a pattern I found on the internet.

round dog blanket
Some of the segments have knitted up in different sizes even though they were all worked exactly the same and are all done in DK yarn. As anyone who works with yarn knows, not all DK’s are the same – some are thinner than others but as this is a dog blanket made from leftovers I don’t suppose the recipient will mind.

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  1. Jenn says:

    >That's really cool. My dog would like one. : )(Originally posted on 18th August 2006)

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