>Socks Finished

>I finally finished pair of socks using the wool that I won in a blog competition:

won yarn socks
They worked out OK despite the mistake I made in one of them. I think I’ll just have enough for a second pair although this time I won’t be able to do a textured pattern stitch, just plain old stocking stitch.

Yesterday my August sweater became this:

blue 4ply
I decided that I want to turn it into this:

sweater pattern
This is a square necklined sweater from the October 1962 edition of ‘Modern Knitting’. It has a stitch pattern which doesn’t really show up well in the black and white photo but it’s just every 7th and 8th stitches crossed over all along every 12th row.
I finished the back this afternoon:

blue sweater
and here’s a close up of the stitch pattern:

pattern close up
I won’t be starting on the front tomorrow as I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it. I have to be at work for 8am for the dreaded stocktaking which happens twice a year. Hopefully we’ll be finished by about 1pm but when I get home I’ll have all the ironing to do so I won’t have much knitting time. Anyway, I’m not in any rush to finish the sweater so it doesn’t really matter.

On Friday I made the pelmet for Billy’s new truck:

(Photo no longer available)
He’s already put it in place along with the curtains I made. He sent me a couple of photos from his phone but they’re not very good so I’ll wait until I get some better pictures to post. He reckons it makes his cab look dead good so at least it was worth all the time it took me to make them all.

Talk to you later,


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