>The Lost Post

>Here’s my second attempt at the post I lost last night.

I found the time on Sunday evening (after the stocktaking at work) to make another dog blanket.

lilac brown blanket
I knitted three strips 40 stitches x 200 rows and joined them together using the crochet technique which is shown on one of the Bond videos. It was very easy to do and I think it looks better than an ordinary seam.

crocheted join
On Monday evening I knitted three more strips, this time 40 stitches x 300 rows to make a bigger blanket – well dogs come in many sizes don’t they?

three strips
I’ve now joined them and crocheted around the edge so I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

Tonight I started on another round blanket. It’s not worked quite the same as the last round one I made but it’s just as easy.

All the blankets will be going to the Dogs Trust at Sadberge just outside Darlington. I mentioned in a previous post that we adopted my dog, Floss, from there so I think it would be nice to give something back to them for the dogs that are awaiting re-homing.

Floss certainly conned us into choosing her. She sat pressed against the front of the cage looking up at us with her big brown eyes as if to say “please choose me, I’m a good dog.” We couldn’t resist. When we got her home that was when we knew we’d been suckered. She was mental! For a while she must have thought her name was ‘Twat’ (not very nice, I know) because we called her it all the time. She’s calmed down a lot since then thank goodness and she is a good dog – most of the time.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll make any more blankets for a while after I’ve finished the round one. I’m in two minds whether to make dog coats or not – I don’t really think they’ll need them as the kennels are probably heated.

Talk to you later,


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