>September 2nd, 2006

>I made a start on the front of my square necked sweater, this is how far I got before I got bored with it

It’s a bit tedious twisting all those stitches to make the pattern so I did as far as the armhole decreases and decided to leave it until tomorrow.

In my last post I said I’d started knitting a second pair of socks from the yarn that I won. Well I finished one sock but then I pulled it out – it was too small. I knew the tension was a bit tight but until I tried it on I didn’t realise just how tight. So this afternoon I re-knitted it at a looser tension and it’s worked out much better:


My idea of knitting the cuff in stocking stitch then re-forming the stitches to produce the ribbing once it’s off the machine seems to have worked OK, so even though it takes a little time to do, there are no seams. The only sewing I have to do it weaving in the ends and that doesn’t take very long. I think I need a bit more practice at circular sock knitting but I’m getting there.

Talk to you later,


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