>September 5th, 2006

>Here are the last two completed pairs of socks:


stripey socks

My hand knitted cast off is a little bit too tight so it’s a bit of a struggle to get the socks over my heels when I’m putting them on. I’ll have to start doing them a bit looser.

I’ve also started another pair. This time I didn’t do the cuff in rib, I just left it as stocking stitch. Again my cast off is a little tight but I can put up with it.

no rib sock

The next pair of socks that I knit will be my ‘special socks’ (don’t laugh) because I actually bought some proper sock yarn


Yes, it’s true. Me, the biggest cheapskate I know, actually bought the proper stuff instead of using up my leftovers. I just hope that I can do it justice and make a decent job of knitting the socks. I think I’ll knit them at the weekend.

Talk to you later,


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