>September 9th, 2006

>Today I managed to get some knitting done in between the gardening and housework.

I finished the cuff of the first Opal sock:

opal sock

I’m hoping to get the second sock to match so I’ve found what I think is the right place in the yarn and hopefully I’ll get it knitted tomorrow.

I’ve also finished the two sleeves of the square neckline sweater but I cheated. They were supposed to have the same pattern as on the front and back but I just couldn’t be bothered so I did them in plain stocking stitch. I think it will look OK though. There’s just the collar to knit and the sewing up – I might get that done tomorrow. The row counter broke on my Knitmaster 4500 when I was just about finished the second sleeve. I had a spare one so I’ve swapped them over but I hope this one doesn’t break because I haven’t got another one. I’ll have to take the broken one apart and try to fix it – it might be just a broken spring which wouldn’t be surprising as the machine’s over fifty years old.

Remember the sock that I’m knitting by hand using the yarn from Hell? Well I’ve nearly finished it, I just need to knit the heel. I will not be knitting the second one, it just takes too long to do. It’s much easier to use the machine. I suppose I only started making this one by hand just to see if I could do it. I’ll post a picture of it when it’s finished.

So my things to do tomorrow are to knit the second Opal sock, finish the square neckline sweater, finish the hand knit sock and knit the second 4 ply sock of the pair that I started last week. I wonder how far I’ll get.

Sarah asked me, “so where exactly do you get a knitting machine?”
Well my first machine was a Bond which I bought from a mail order catalogue in the early 80s. There was no instructional video in those days so I had to learn how to use it from the manuals. I picked it up really quickly though and had started on my first sweater the same day that I got the machine.

My Knitmaster 4500 and Knitmaster 302 were bought off ebay. I was lucky with them because they are in working order. It’s a bit of a risk buying them off ebay as the seller may not necessarily know anything about knitting machines and although the machine they’re selling may look alright it might not be.

I also got a second Knitmaster 4500 from someone who had read my blog and offered me the machine which had been his grandma’s. I bought it off him to use as spares. (Just as well or I wouldn’t have had a spare row counter)

Talk to you later,


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