>September 13th, 2006

>Every time we brush the dog we joke that there’s enough dog hair coming off her to knit a jumper with. So, a few months ago I decided to keep all the brushings to spin up and make something with. I did a little bit of searching on the internet and found this site which has lots of helpful information on spinning dog hair.

I bought a pair of carders off ebay


And started on this little lot

dog hair

I eventually got the knack of it and carded enough to produce this

spun dog hair

It’s not brilliant I know but I never said I was an expert spinner. I’ve still got loads more to spin yet and I’m hoping that I’ll end up with enough to make a pair of fingerless gloves – well I don’t need a hat or a scarf so a pair of gloves seems the most obvious thing.

The only thing that’s not too good about spinning Floss’ hair is that it’s a bit niffy but once it’s spun I’ll wash it with dog shampoo so hopefully that will solve the problem.

I can’t wait to make my Chiengora gloves.

I knitted a sample square in the pattern I was going to use for the kitchen curtain

1st sample close up

It knitted up OK but when I stuck it on the window it was obvious that it was just too holey

1st sample

The reason I’m making the curtain is that on an afternoon the sun shines straight in through the window and blinds me if I’m at the sink so I want something that will diffuse the light a bit. Obviously if the holes are too big then I’ll still get blinded by the sun.

So I decided to try another pattern and came up with this one

2nd sample close up

This one isn’t a lacey pattern but I think it will work

2nd sample

I think this one will be much better. Anyway, I’m going to have a go at knitting the curtain at the weekend, hopefully it will look OK, if not I’ll just use it as a fancy tablecloth!

Talk to you later,


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