>September 17th, 2006

>Here’s how far I got with my kitchen curtain before I ran out of cotton:

curtain so far

I think I’ll need at least another two balls of cotton to finish it. I only bought one thinking it would be enough – I obviously underestimated it.

This is the sweater I’m making now:

It’s another one from an old Modern Knitting magazine.
So far I’ve knitted the back and one sleeve

I’m not sure if it’s going to work out right because I’m using two different makes of yarn. They’re both 4 ply but one has more wool content than the other. Of course I didn’t make a tension sample (do I ever?) but that just adds to the fun doesn’t it?
I’m going to knit the second sleeve tonight and possibly start on the front – if I can be bothered.

Talk to you later,


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