>September 23rd, 2006

>I finished the curtain for the kitchen but there’s a slight problem:


I’m not talking about the mistake in the pattern half way down the top pane, it’s the way the curtain hangs. I knitted it so that it’s exactly the right width but as you can see it curls inwards and looks a mess.
I thought maybe I could add a length of dowelling along the bottom and a couple of lengths at equal intervals between the top and bottom. Do you think that would work?
I also thought about soaking it and pressing it with a hot iron but I think that might just make it worse.
Then I thought I would back it with some iron-on interfacing but I think that would block too much light out which isn’t the effect I’m after.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this curtain hang properly or will I have to use it as a fancy tablecloth?

I finished the two-colour sweater:

two colour sweater

It doesn’t look that much different to the original but I couldn’t wear it how the model does with it buttoned right up to the top – that would drive me mad.
The sleeves came out too long but they look OK folded back. Also the ribbing along the bottom is a little tight which makes the sweater gradually ‘ride up with wear’ (as they say on ‘Are You Being Served’) so I have to keep pulling it down. It might loosen up a bit when it’s been washed but if it doesn’t I might try ironing it, I don’t know yet because that might make it worse. All in all though I’m very pleased with the way this sweater has knitted up.

I made another child’s balaclava for charity:


It looks a bit odd in the photo but I’m sure it will be fine once it’s on a child’s head.
I also made a little girl’s hat which needs sewing up and a tassel adding – I’ll finish it off tomorrow.

I still haven’t decided where I’m sending the items that I’ve knitted for charity. I might send them to two or three different ones. Anyway, I’ll keep knitting things until I decide where they’re going.

Talk to you later,


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