>September 25th, 2006

>Here it is, my first ball of dog hair yarn or chiengora as it’s known:

pure chiengora

I’m not an expert spinner but I think I did a fairly decent job of it. I was trying to get a 4ply weight but I think I managed something between a 4ply and DK. It is a bit bumpy in places but it’s not too bad. I don’t think I’ve got it thin enough to knit on the Knitmaster but it will definitely work on the Bond. I’m hoping to have enough to make a pair of fingerless gloves but it doesn’t matter if I run out does it – I’ll just brush the dog and get some more spun up!

Here’s the girls hat that I was making at the weekend:

girls hat

I didn’t have enough green wool left to make the tassel so I used some leftover pink that I had. I still don’t know which charity it will go to but I’m sure it will eventually keep a childs head warm in the winter.

Remember I was having a go at hand knitted socks? Well I finally finished one:

hand knit sock

That is definitely my first and last hand knit sock – it took me too long to finish it. I think I’ll stick to my knitting machines in future.

Now onto that kitchen curtain. Thank you for all your suggestions.
I tried wet blocking it and it did improve it a lot:

blocked curtain

As you can see it’s still curling a bit at the edges so I still need to do something else to it. Pauline suggested soaking it in sugar water like you would a doiley so that it stiffens when it dries. I’m not sure that would work with something of this size – what do you think? I’d never thought of starching it as Dwayne and Millie suggested. I think I’ll try that but I have no idea where to look for starch so that will be my next mission. I’ll see if I can find some tomorrow. If the starch doesn’t work I’ll try the dowelling. Something’s got to work hasn’t it?

Talk to you later,


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