>October 2nd, 2006

>Remember the square neckline sweater that I abandoned in disgust because I made a mess of the sewing up? Well I decided to finish it off at the weekend. I got it all sewed up and it was far too big for me. So I washed it hoping that it might shrink a bit. I put it in the machine on the woollens cycle and guess what – it came out exactly the same size. So I thought ‘what the Hell’ and washed it again on the 40 degree cycle – here’s how it ended up:

square neck sweater
It now fits me perfectly can you believe it? The collar is a little bit wonky but I can live with that and the stitch pattern no longer shows up but that doesn’t matter. The jumper actually feels thicker now that it’s felted a bit so it’ll be nice and warm to wear in the Winter. I’m glad I didn’t throw it in the bin.

I’ve finished the back and the front of the short sleeved sweater – here’s the front:

short sleeve sweater
The waist looks really tiny but believe me there’s a lot of stretch in that ribbing so it should be OK. I’m going to try and get one of the sleeves done tomorrow night if I have time.

Talk to you later,


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