>Sunday Knitting

>I’ve decided not to bother making any more Barbie/Sindy clothes. I agree with what J.M.Snyder said in the comments after my last post and I also looked on ebay and it seems that people just aren’t interested in knitted Barbie clothes. Besides which I can’t be bothered with all the fiddly sewing up, so into the charity sack they go.

I finished the short sleeved sweater:

short sleeved sweater
I tried doing the crochet shell stitch edging around the neckline but I couldn’t get it to look right so in the end I just did a row of trebles (UK). I’m really pleased with the way it knitted up – it’s a perfect fit.

What do you think of this tank top?

tank top in magazine
It’s from a 1974 edition of Modern Knitiing. Do you think it’s too old fashioned? Well I don’t care if it is, I really like the pattern – the squares and zig-zags – so much in fact that this afternoon I produced this on the Knitmaster 302:

tank top back
Ignore the purple bit at the top, that’s just waste yarn holding the stitches and it will be removed when I do the neckband. I used some of the wool that I bought off ebay on my recent spending spree. It’s Sirdar Fontein Crepe 4ply. I know the colours I’m using aren’t quite the same as the ones used in the pattern but I think they look OK.
Here’s a close-up:

pattern close up
I’ve been wanting to make myself something using the automatic patterning for a while now so I’m really pleased that I managed to do it without making any mistakes. I think it’s amazing that you can create patterns just by turning the dials to different positions. I know it would be easier with a punchcard machine but I’m sticking with the one I’ve got thank you very much.

The November 2006 edition of Machine Knitting Monthly arrived on Friday and can you believe I actually like one of the designs in it. It’s a cabled sweater in aran for chunky machines:

cable jumper from MKM

I would have to adapt it so that it would work on the Bond but I think it would be easy enough to do. I can’t see me actually making it but I had to comment on it as it’s the only thing I’ve liked so far out of the three issues of the magazine that I’ve received.

Thanks to Chris for the suggestion of putting fringing along the bottom of the kitchen curtain to weigh it down a bit. I had thought of that one and may still do it if I don’t manage to get it sorted out. I did starch it but I should have pinned it out to size first. If I had then it would probably look alright now – but i didn’t and it doesn’t.

Talk to you later,


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