>Which Sweater Should I Knit?

>There are two sweaters that I like but I’m only going to knit one of them. The question is which one? I can’t decide so I’m looking for your opinions.

Before I show you them I should point out that I’m 41 and although I’m not overweight, I’m not quite as slim as I was 20 years ago – I wear size 10-12 (UK). I don’t follow fashions religiously, usually if I like something I’ll wear it but sometimes it’s nice to have other people’s opinions.

So with that in mind here are the two choices:

The ‘Twiggy’ sweater

I really like the deep ribbing on the waist and cuffs and also the houndstooth pattern. But this is a skin tight sweater – would it look right on me? I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

The ‘Topsy Turvy’ sweater

topsy turvy

I like the idea of the buttons on the front and cuffs, it just makes the sweater a little bit different. I also like the simple pattern on the sleeves. But does it look silly? Would people laugh at me if I wore it?

So which one do you think I should knit?

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Talk to you later,


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