>Tank Top Finished

>As promised I have a knitting update.

The tank top is finished:

tank top
Very mid-70s don’t you think? Well, the pattern is from 1974. It’s knitted up perfectly and I’m really pleased with it. I enjoyed doing those bands of two-coloured patterns so I’ll definitely be making more multi-coloured sweaters.

I’ve also been knitting up the Furwul Thistledown angora yarn that I mentioned in a previous post. I was going to create my own pattern using Knitware but in the end I decided to use the pattern for the sleeveless top that I found in an old Modern Knitting magazine.

I’ve finished the back and the front:

angora top
The neckband and armbands are supposed to be knitted seperately then sewn on but I’ve decided to do a few rounds of crochet instead. So far I’ve done three rounds around the neckline but I think I’ll do a few more because I don’t want it to be as low as it is in the pattern. I’ll also make the armbands deeper than they are in the pattern. I don’t know if it will look right when I’ve finished or even if I’ll wear it but I can always pull it out and re-knit it if I don’t like it.

I made a video showing how the stitch pattern is worked on the Knitmaster 4500. It only lasts just under 5 minutes but it is 25MB so it might take a while to load.

It’s not easy trying to use a knitting machine and work a video camera at the same time so it’s a bit dodgy in places but it kept me amused for the afternoon.

Click here to see it.

I might take the two polls out of the sidebar tomorrow. For one thing they aren’t loading properly all the time and also I think the results I’ve got are now pretty conclusive – more on that tomorrow.

I’m off to do some more crocheting now.

Talk to you later,


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